Talofa lava,
 My name is Wilson Edwards and I am the owner of www.polynesianpride.com. We are a family owned business based out the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We sell products that represent many of the South Pacific Islands such as Samoa, Hawaii, Tonga, Guam, Phillippines, Tahiti, New Zealand, Fiji and the Marshall Islands. Our merchandise consist of hats, t-shirts, lanyards, flags, mini banners, bracelets, stickers, patches and the list goes on. Our website is under major construction as we are preparing to release our NEW material. We are constantly updating the web page so please check back as new items will be added daily.

samoa_flower_00 kids_01

My children are very special to me. My hopes are that my company will be passed down to the generation after me. I want them to understand that they can run their own business just like their grandpa. Viia Le Atua


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